"If you see what is small as it sees itself, and accept what is weak for what strength it has, and use what is dim for the light it gives, then all will go well. This is called Acting Naturally." – Lao-Tsu, Tao Teh King


Dr Vinod Joshi

The Restorative Dentistry Oncology Clinics are held at St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford and at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, where I provided oral care and advice before, during and after my patients' cancer treatment. 

In January 2002, I set up the RDOC Mouth Cancer Awareness website to complement my work at the clinics. Witnessing the website's phenomenal growth over the first 2 years, especially the message board's ability to act as a robust online support group, convinced me of the need to establish the Mouth Cancer Foundation in June 2004, a not-for-profit organisation with the intention of becoming a registered charity. In May 2005, the Mouth Cancer Foundation became a registered charity No. 1109298.

Sometimes, there is not the time to talk about how things are going and questions can remain unasked. Sometimes, it is also not possible to answer the questions asked. Our health and lives cannot be taken for granted. Misfortune is a part of our humanity. But together, we can summon the strength needed to face misfortune. This strength is also part of our humanity. Thanks to several of you who agreed to share your experiences with others. I hope that those travelling in the gloom of night are heartened by those who have seen the break of day. 

My best wishes to you all.

Dr Vinod K Joshi
BDS(Singapore)  DRDRCS(Edinburgh) FDSRCPS(Glasgow) FDSRCS(England) FICOI
Consultant in Restorative Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry Oncology Clinic