Support Group Awards 2021

The annual Support Group Awards reward the incredible work carried out by cancer support groups across the UK. The awards recognise the support group leaders and healthcare professionals, who give up their spare time to support and work closely with people affected by mouth, head and neck cancers.

Support groups have become a place of solitude for mouth cancer survivors. It is a place where they can share their experiences, and ask questions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It is also a place where carers, relatives and friends can go for help and advice. The Mouth Cancer Foundation recognises the impact that they have and how they can help improve a patient’s quality of life.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation Support Group Awards 2021 are open to all support groups or projects that are dedicated to supporting people solely affected by head and neck cancers. The awards highlight that local accessible support has a positive impact on the quality of life of patients, families and their carers.

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Mouth Cancer Foundation Support Group Grants:


About Face
About Face
Colchester Head and Neck Cancer Support Group
Colchester Head and Neck Cancer Support Group

The Mouth Cancer Foundation want to hear about the ways you offer support to people that improves the life of those affected by head and neck cancer and to share your work and achievements with others. The Mouth Cancer Foundation understands that local support groups will have different levels of resources and may not have sophisticated processes.

Please submit completed application by 31st March 2021

Winners of the Support Group Awards will be announced in June 2021

The Mouth Cancer Foundation will look for evidence of work that:

Improves support services to head and neck cancer patients
Offers opportunities to share experiences
Can be replicated across the UK

If you have any questions about the Mouth Cancer Foundation Support Group Awards, please contact the Mouth Cancer Foundation on 020 8940 5680 or via

Please follow this link to apply or download the PDF application form, complete and return.

Terms and Conditions

The Mouth Cancer Foundation may photograph and film the shortlisted projects for public viewing on the charity’s website. Photographs, press publications and filming are for the purposes of promotion and education only. Please note that any personal information will be processed by the Mouth Cancer Foundation in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Entrants agree to the following of any prize money awarded:

Prize money must be used to enhance existing support or to develop a new service or project to benefit people affected about head and neck cancers
Prize money must not be used for existing staff costs or to pay existing debt and must be used by the end of the calendar year 2021.

Please note that the decision to award money to a winning support group or project is final. Prize money will be given in a one-off payment. A panel of judges will make the final decision based on the completed application form. Please note we may take references as part of the application process. The Mouth Cancer Foundation Support Group Awards are not linked in any way to any other grants or programmes run by the Mouth Cancer Foundation.

Should you have any concerns about giving consent, please contact the Mouth Cancer Foundation on 020 8940 5680 or via

I acknowledge the terms and conditions outlined and confirm that I will inform all participants being filmed about the purpose of the film and how the film will be used. I will procure written consent from those persons to be filmed including parents/guardians who have legal/parental responsibility for children under 18 years of age. The Mouth Cancer Foundation will supply the necessary consent forms if a project is shortlisted. Please note that filming will not take place until the Mouth Cancer Foundation has received all required consents.

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