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The Mouth Cancer Foundation aims to help health professionals find information on mouth cancers easily.

After the diagnosis of oral cancer, it is important to ensure that the diagnosed patient receives any urgent dental care before treatment. This will reduce the oral complications associated with cancer treatment.

By carrying out the dental treatment for these patients, dentists could help their patients retain teeth, which would otherwise be lost, for an improved function and life quality. With adequate information, general dental practitioners could also assist in the management of the oral complications that their patients will suffer as a result of cancer treatment.

Dr Vinod K Joshi, founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation, describes the role that dental teams can play in supporting Mouth Cancer Awareness:

As dental health professionals, we are the natural leaders to lead the fight against mouth cancer

We should be warning our patients of the dangers of tobacco use and alcohol abuse.
We should alert our Asian patients to the dangers of paan and gutka chewing.
We should be screening patients for mouth cancers.
We should also be involved in efforts to increase awareness of mouth cancers and the need for support for head and neck cancer patients.

Leaflets and posters on lowering the risk of mouth cancer are available free of charge and can be used as discussion tools during consultations or displayed in the waiting room. Wristbands and t-shirts are available too.

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Download a variety of free leaflets, posters and educational resources.

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