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  • Guide for Cancer Supporters

    This book is about actions! Actions you can take from the very beginning and continue all the way through a cancer patient's recovery. What is important is to do the things that will really help the patient. Make them feel better now and in the long run. Try to help them have a better chance of succeeding in the fight against their disease.

Five Advanced Tips for Helping Friends with Cancer

Your friend has cancer and you want to help. The greatest present you can bring them is your presence. How you prepare yourself is more important than what you say or do. Words and actions that arise from a loving and healing spirit almost always hit the mark. The following tips come from Drs. Bill and Susie Buchholz, an oncologist-psychologist team with over twenty-three years experience working with patients and their caregivers.

Things to Do For Cancer Patients

Think of things which will improve the quality of care. It is also a guideline for what to prepare for in the advent of death.