JFD's story

JFDurocher was never a smoker and consumed the amount of red wine as recommended by the national Cancer institute for a prolonged life. His website documents the diagnosis and treatment of his cancer.

"I've learned that the exact same cancer in one person can act radically different in another person. I went through three major treatments: chemotherapy, chemo-radiation and surgery that spanned a 6-month period. Others do not need the surgery or have differing periods of treatment. If you or someone you care about is now dealing with cancer, do as much research as you possibly can before you start treatments. Chemotherapy and chemo-radiation were the two treatments that I was given to fight my base of tongue cancer. That's not to say that your physician will proscribe the same treatment but you should get an idea from this pages of what to expect with either or both of these treatments."

"But my cancer had spread to the lymph glands on my neck so I also had to undergo surgery to remove them."