Caroline’s Story

Caroline passed away on 16 May 2010 following her battle with mouth cancer.

Caroline’s blog will remain to be a truly positive and everlasting impression of her thoughts and experiences in which she articulated the challenges of her experience. Her encouraging words and her ability to entwine positive thoughts despite her hardships are a testimony to her character and strength in facing the true realities of her cancer journey. Caroline’s words continually thanked, acknowledged, and considered others.

May Caroline rest in peace.

Jack and Jerina took on the Paris Marathon on Sunday 11th April 2010 and raised over £4,500

They have seen their amazing mum battle tongue cancer for such a long time – hours spent in hospital beds, painful operations, horrific treatments, a daily physical and mental battle to combat the evil disease whilst still looking after them and giving them unconditional love and guidance in their lives.

Here’s a letter from Jack and Jerina!

“Hi all,
WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

The Paris marathon 2010 kicked off this Sunday, with beautiful sunshine and a fantastic atmosphere.

Both raring to go, and dressed in our skirts and tiaras that mum made to bring awareness of the Cinderella Cancer, Jack and I set-off at the top of the Champs-Elysees, with 40,000 fellow runners all looking forward to the 26.2 miles ahead. The sun beating down, and with friends and family in the crowd, we started pounding the streets of Paris with smiles on our faces.

Reaching the half-way point ( roughly 13 miles) seemed easy, and we continued to cheer the bands that were playing along the way ( much to Jack’s embarrassment of his sister screaming ” ALRIGHT! YEAH! COME ON!” every five minutes, in apparently a ” stupid American accent”?!).

We ran down Rue to Rivoli and through the Bois de Vincenne, along the river and by the Eiffel Tower – and that’s when it got hard. The 20 mile mark felt like “the wall”. Then the 21 mile mark felt like another “wall”. Then the 22nd mile mark felt like a black hole. After that was just a blur of sore legs and hallucinating the finish line.

It was all worth it to get to the end, where we were greeted by the best crowd of friends and mum and dad waving St George’s flag.

We finished the run in just over five and a half hours – Jack was fantastic and ran with me the entire marathon, when he could easily have run a better time.

Thank you to everyone for your support, your encouragement and your donations – we have raised over £4,500.

Mum’s blog is going strong, and has lots of followers now – please do keep reading and pass it on to your friends –

Thanks again to everyone

Jerina and Jack”


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