The qMIDS test, which measures the activity of 16 genes, can show whether patients with a sore or ulcer in the mouth possess pre-cancerous cells. Although mouth ulcers and sores are very common and mostly benign, the test can allow at-risk patients to receive earlier treatment.

We all met in London’s Hyde Park where the charity held its 7th annual FREE Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk designed to raise much needed funds and awareness to combat all head and neck cancers.  The walk proved to be a great success as almost 800 walkers turned out to ‘step out and make a difference.’

Mouth cancer affects more than 300 Irish people every year. It is often diagnosed at an advanced stage as patients are unaware of the early symptoms of the disease. Mouth Cancer Awareness Day aims to educate people and make them aware that a simple and painless five-minute examination can save their lives.

The walk is designed to raise much needed funds and awareness to combat all head and neck cancers. It is also a fun day out for all the family so we strongly encourage you to sign up today. For more information about the walk and to register, please visit We hope to see you soon.   

The walk is designed to increase awareness and through fundraising allows the charity to provide support for mouth cancer patients and carers. It is also a great opportunity for everyone to meet in Hyde Park to celebrate survivorship, remember lost dear ones and have fun.

The protein known as FRMD4A is permanently switched on in cancer and when it is levels are high, cancer is more likely to spread and return. However, tests carried out in mice have shown that FRMD4A can be blocked and it may be possible to prevent mouth cancer from growing and spreading.