The news headlines across the globe currently make very grim reading. They are our reality!  And the fact is, head and neck cancer patients, like anyone with cancer and other underlying health issues, are in the high-risk category when it comes to contracting coronavirus. We are therefore asking everyone to do a very simple thing... STAY AT HOME. #StayAtHome

The Mouth Cancer Foundation would like to wish all the amazing Mums out there a really special and wonderful Mothers Day! We hope you get spoilt by your loved ones.

'Say ahh' - one of the most common phrases stated by dentists, now turns into a marketing campaign for third year running.  Oral health covers a wide range of topics such as dentistry, hygiene, medical conditions such as mouth cancer and finally oral specifc products. Its a huge subject, but it is incredly important that it gets talked about!

The Mouth Cancer Foundation is involved in an initiative exploring the long-term burden of treatment on head and neck cancer patients, along with patient support group The Swallows and pharmaceutical company Bristol - Myers Squibb.

Here at Mouth Cancer Foundation HQ we are trying to support everybody.

Have you checked yourself for mouth cancer yet this March? Our never-ending drive is to encourage everyone to take our mouth cancer self examination and carry out a simple, head and neck cancer check at home, ideally once a month.

Its no secret that smoking is unhealthy, that billions of pounds are spent on advertising throughout the year.  So why do people continue to smoke? The government ‘no packaging’ initiative, forced tobacco companies to leave their trademark packaging, slogans and business identities and instead brand them with gruesome images warning uses of the health risks.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #EachforEqual, focusing on fighting stereotypes, shutting down prejudice and of course, celebrating women’s achievements. In previous years themes have focused on encouraging gender balance in boardrooms, in the media and in wealth.

Today is national Dentist's Day in America.  Dentist's Day is an annual professional holiday celebrated every 6th March.  Why not make today one to celebrate your Dentist here in the UK too and express your appreciation and gratitude to the people who play an important part in your oral health. 

The deadline for sending in application forms for the Support Group Awards 2020 is Tuesday 31st March.