Earlier this year we teamed up with Envisage Dental, to help promote the early detection of Mouth Cancer. Their efforts have enabled us to highlight the 7 step check in both dental waiting rooms and also GP surgeries. Some dental practices will open again from the 8th June, so look out for us once society returns to some ‘normality’!

It’s been nearly 10 weeks now since we have been officially on Lockdown, and for some of us that’s felt like an eternity and for others its flown by. Keeping busy is key to maintaining a positive healthy lifestyle. Exercise, reading, binge watching TV series, cooking and spending quality time with family are just some of the activities that lock down social media has raved about.

Mouth Cancer Foundation supporter StoreageMart helps us year after year by keeping our walk goodies safe. The company is dedicated to providing easy, clean friendly services to each and every customer. 

The Sunday papers ran with the story of businessman Sam Waley-Cohen, 38, who owns 100 dental practices across the UK, claiming deaths linked to mouth cancer will soar if the government refuses to allow dentist to reopen.

Today sees the start of National Smile Month which runs until 18th June 2020.  National Smile Month is the run by the Oral Health Foundation and aims to improve the UK’s oral Health and raise awareness of important health issues.  There are three easy key messages which everyone can adopt to maintain a healthy mouth. • Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

Today marks the launch of Face Equality Week, a campaign from Changing Faces that we at Mouth Cancer Foundation HQ think that everyone should get behind! Their tag line ‘No one with a visible difference should be forgotten’ resonates with many head and neck cancer patients, as surgery can often leave scars and physical impairments. 

Following on from the celebration of nurses on the frontline this week, here is an article from a Clinical Head and Neck Nurse Specialist, Karen Guner from Queens Hospital, Romford explaining why more awareness still needs to be raised about head and neck cancers.

2020 has illuminated how integral the medical profession really is to society. We need it to function. Medics bring life into the world, heal and unfortunately deal with situations unfathomable to most.  There was an outpouring of love and support on International Nurses Day, possibly the most celebrated day in history! It was social media madness.