The aim of World Immunization Week is to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. The week takes place from 24-30 April. Every year, millions of lives are saved thanks to immunization and it is recognized widely as one of the most successful and cost-effective health interventions.

On 18th April, Isle of Wight Dentist, Dr Philip Lewis was elected President of the Mouth Cancer Foundation by the Board of Trustees.  Philip takes over the unpaid day-to-day running of the charity from Krishan Joshi, who remains as Treasurer.

It is easy to think that being positive depends on circumstance; whether or not you had time to get your morning coffee from Starbucks, whether or not you made it onto the tube on time, whether or not you remembered to pick up your lunch.  Chances are that if you managed all of these three you are going to have a good day, but here’s saying someone runs into you because they are late for their

Earlier this month we launched the Charity Project Awards 2020 to reward the extraordinary efforts of groups of people or not for profit organisations, both in and outside healthcare professionals, who work tirelessly to raise awareness and support people affected by mouth, head and neck cancers.

Looking for ways to keep in touch and receive some support during lockdown?  The Mouth Cancer Foundation is setting up a weekly online support group and we would love you to join us, 10.30am every Wednesday, starting Wednesday 22nd April and running each week for as long as we are all staying at home.  #stayathome #savelives.

During this uncertain time, it is important to gather the facts, as opposed to relying on information from unverified sources. This time can be particularly scary if you have pre-existing health conditions, or have new health conditions that need treatment and in this current climate, are unsure as to where that leaves you.

Covid-19 has dominated the headlines so much recently we could be forgiven for forgetting today is the start of the long Easter weekend.   The mouth Cancer Foundation would like to wish everyone a very safe, healthy and happy Easter.  If you’re not a critical worker, then celebrate the long weekend staying at home. #stayathome #savelives

The Mouth Cancer Foundation is looking for individuals to take part in a trial as we try to pioneer a relatively new way of saving voices for mouth/head and neck cancer patients who may be at risk of losing their voice due to surgery. 

Today, 7 April 2020 is World Health Day.  The World Health Organisation have declared this year the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife and a day to celebrate their work.  The aim before Covid-19 was to highlight the current status of nursing around the world.   It is safe to say Covid-19 has turned all eyes onto everyone working in a medical capacity.