After months of planning more than 50 cyclists took to their bikes, and cycled 500 miles across Italy from Lake Garda to Rome.  It sounds idyllic, but in reality the riders had to contend with cycling 100 miles a day in sweltering heat, along roads littered with pot holes and crazy Italian drivers who stopped for no man or cyclist!

November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, a time when dental practices across the country try to raise awareness of all head and neck cancers.   We have leaflets and posters available FREE of charge for all dental practices, doctors and hospital waiting rooms, schools and pharmacies that wish to display them.  For free materials please email info@mou

Thank you to all the amazing walkers who turned out yesterday to support our 10 KM charity walk. There were over 500 of us enjoying the dry sunny day in Hyde Park.  The event is designed to raise much needed awareness about the early warning signs of the disease as well as funds to combat all head and neck cancers. 

On Sunday morning we will be at the 13thannual Mouth Cancer 10KM Awareness Walk in London’s Hyde Park!  The forecast is for sunshine, so pack your picnic, get out your walking shoes and maybe even throw in a sun hat.

50 amazing cyclists have completed the monumental task of cycling 100 miles a day, in 30 degrees heat, between 19th and 23rd September, across Italy, from Lake Garda to Rome. 

Once again, the highlight of our Autumn calendar is almost here…the 13th annual Mouth Cancer 10KM Awareness Walk, which is taking place on Sunday 30th September in Hyde Park, London.

We are thrilled to share the news that mediguard have come on board to support the 13th annual Mouth Cancer 10KM Awareness Walk.  Look out for their product in our smashing goodie bags at the end of the event.    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the companies involved for their support in helping us beat mouth cancer.

Today’s the day 50 cyclists begin riding 500 miles across Italy, from Lake Garda to Rome, in the Straumann 500 mile Charity bike ride.  As they start their charity challenge we are delighted to feature Sarah Gilder who, so far is the highest fundraiser in this event. Here is a little insight into why she is taking part in the trip and raising money for the Mouth Cancer Foundation.

On Wednesday, 19th September our friends in Ireland are holding Mouth Cancer Awareness Day to raise public and professional awareness of the disease.