Man, 51, avoids dentist for nearly 30 years! Darren Wilkinson was petrified of the dentist, but found himself booking an  appointment ‘after finding blood on his pillow’. The dentist found a fist sized tumour in his first check-up and after further investigation dentists discovered an ameloblastoma that affects the jaw bone.

Coming to a location near you!  Get involved with the Mouth Cancer Foundations 10 KM Walk from Home and help us create awareness! Did you know that 1 person dies from mouth cancer every 3 hours? If caught early, chance of recovery is brilliant. However, if caught late, chance of recovery is less than 50%

Well, the idea behind the scheme is that you drop off used oral hygiene products to your local collection point.  Queens Park Dental in Bournemouth is the dedicated drop off point for this scheme in their area, and have chosen the Mouth Cancer Foundation as their chosen charity, to which we are extremely grateful.  Acceptable products are;

Throughout lockdown there has been an incredible wave of social media traffic, and with that an incredible rise in brand competitions, participants and scrolling. We’ve joined the crew with a 10 KM per day challenge!

Don’t miss out on the chance to win one of three grants up for grabs…Gold £2000, Silver £1000 or Bronze £500 for the amazing work you carry out in the field of Head and Neck cancer. There are three weeks to go until the closing date of the Mouth Cancer Foundation’s Charity Project Awards 2020, so hurry up and send in your applications.

As we begin the return back to some ‘normality’, there is a huge ambiguity around the subject. Many medical professions, and dental practices have to establish a new normal. A safe and efficient way of attending to the ever- growing needs of patients, some of whom have been forced to treat themselves during the lockdown period. 

Are you multi lingual, and confident you are able to help us translate our leaflets?  One of our biggest aims is to make sure our awareness content is accessible to all, and we recognise that it is our responsibility to provide these leaflets in a multitude of different languages.  We are searching for people who are able to translate into Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali.