A leading Oncologist, Professor Karol Silkora, former head of the World Health Organisation’s cancer programme tells the Telegraph of his concerns surrounding Covid-19 and cancer. Silkoras currently believes ‘It’s far worse than people think’ and as the title of the article he playfully suggests to people not to get cancer in 2020. 

It is the last day to sign up to our Charity Project Awards! The awards are dedicated to those who support head and neck cancer patients through various things; support groups, art sessions the list goes on. 

We currently have a website section dedicated to the professional articles our ambassadors have written.  Topics vary from the early detection of mouth cancer, oral care for mouth cancer patients and why it is important to be aware of mouth cancer. Professional articles are a fantastic way to gain accurate information.

Self-check information is making its way to the aspiring dentists of tomorrow! Immersify education is an organisation passionate about technology and education, through augmented reality, interactive animation, expert content, 3D visuals, interactivity and accessible technology dental topics are taught with ease.

We have some exciting news...we are extending the date for our Charity Project Awards until 14th August.  Yes that is right...There are two more weeks to get your applications for grants up to £3500 in! Now is your chance to put your group forward if you help raise awareness, lobby, promote, develop products or educate as you could be eligible for one of the grants available.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation has a dedicated HELPLINE telephone number.  It is 01924 950 950.  It operates between 0900 and 1700 Monday to Friday. The helpline is manned by mouth cancer survivor and Mouth Cancer Foundation Patient Ambassador, Rachel Parsons who will do her best to answer any patient, carer and survivor related queries.

Mouth cancer, what is that? I didn’t know that could happen to me? I thought it was just an ulcer… Above are the three most prevalent questions from newly diagnosed mouth cancer patients, and all three point to the same outcome, there is not enough awareness of mouth cancer. 

Brenda’s Easy to Swallow Cookbook supported by the Mouth Cancer Foundation continues to sell on a regular basis offering easy to swallow meal ideas for patients, especially after surgery.