Mouth cancer, what is that? I didn’t know that could happen to me? I thought it was just an ulcer…

Above are the three most prevalent questions from newly diagnosed mouth cancer patients, and all three point to the same outcome, there is not enough awareness of mouth cancer. 

This Head and Neck Cancer day we are urging you to help us to create awareness, share self-check videos via social media, and more importantly talk about it!

Ways that we can help improve awareness;

1. Ask your dentist about a professional check for head and neck cancer.

2. Check yourself following our self examination at least once a month -

3. Share our social media awareness online. 

4. Bring the topic of head and neck cancer up over your next coffee with friends.

5. Ensure your local dentists and GP surgeries have self -check leaflets in their waiting rooms 

For more information about head and neck cancer please visit; 

For our leaflets and awareness materials please visit;

To be a part of our support groups please email