Torbay Hospital first NHS Trust to provide Trans Oral Robotic Surgery for cancer

Torbay Hospital has become the first in the country to provide robotic surgery for throat and mouth cancers.  This innovative surgery was made possible by a generous donation from the Hospital’s League of Friends and means a less invasive procedure for patients, with a quicker recovery time and fewer side effects.  The Robotic surgery allows surgeons to remove cancers of the tonsil, back of the tongue and upper larynx (voice box) that may not otherwise have been removable without extensive major surgery or a long course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  The side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy are pain, long term swallowing problems and possible secondary cancer due to the radiotherapy.  The incidence of these types of cancer is rising throughout the country and in a younger population. The new robotic equipment also means that Torbay Hospital is able to perform tongue base reduction surgery for those suffering with obstructive sleep apnoea, which is another major problem nationally.