If ever there was a Valentines’ Day to turn our attention inwards and love ourselves it is Valentine’s Day 2021. After almost a year of living through a global pandemic, much of it in lockdown it is important to put yourself first and look after your physical and mental well-being. Here are some tips on staying positive this Valentine’s Day and everyday…And make sure you share these with all your loved ones…

Stay Connected
Maintaining healthy relationships with your family, friends and work colleagues is really beneficial during this period of uncertainty. Staying in touch with the people you’re close to can help you feel less isolated and can also help those you’re in contact with. It may make their day to see your face and speaking to someone and sharing your feelings could also help them. You can do this through phone or zoom calls, or you could stay in touch via social media, text or email.

Create A Routine
To retain a level of normality, you could establish a daily routine, such as getting up at the same time, setting mealtimes, planning out work and activities and going to bed at your usual time. It’s important to remember if you’re working from home to take regular breaks and to stay hydrated to keep your mind focussed.

Keep Moving
It is important to remain physically active even during lockdown. It is even one of the things the government legally allows us to do for short amounts of time. So getting outside each day, whether that’s for a walk or a run, can really help to improve your mood and take your mind away from any stress you’re experiencing.

Find A Hobby
If you find you have more free time now, you’re not travelling out of the house as much, think about trying something new. The list of hobbies you can try is endless but think of something you really want to do for yourself. Lockdown may actually release your hidden talents and new opportunities.

Find Further Support
There are a number of organisations that offer information and support on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Mind – Coronavirus and your wellbeing
Mental Health Foundation – Coronavirus and mental health tips
NHS – Mental health and wellbeing

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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