The Mouth Cancer Foundation would like to thank the RSM UK Foundation for their generous donation to raise awareness of sinus cancer.   The funding will help in increasing awareness of signs and symptoms of sinus cancer amongst healthcare professionals including GPs, Dentists and Pharmacists, as well as the general public in order to try to improve early detection of the disease.

It is important that in the future there will be educational projects focused on improving awareness.

Cancer affecting the nasal cavity and paranasal air sinuses is also included in head and neck cancers. Cancer of the sinuses is rare with about 500 new cases each year in the UK. As it tends to be symptomless at first, it is rarely discovered in its early stages. Sadly, this cancer is often diagnosed in its later stages when obvious symptoms present.

To learn more about sinus cancer and mouth cancer in general visit https://bit.ly/2S4scXo for more details.

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