A big shout out to Railway Dental in Penkridge, Staffordshire for holding a Royal Wedding themed cake sale last week and raising £100.00 for our charity.

Organised by Hygienist, Charlotte Garbutt, the cakes went on sale 2 days before the wedding.   The response from patients was amazing.  The cakes sold quickly, some patients donated without buying a cake and one gentleman patient even returned later in the day to buy a further 4!   

The afternoon of the royal wedding Charlotte and her husband Principle Dentist, Philip Garbutt, were at the Dental Innovation Exhibition at the NEC Birmingham.   As a promotion from the company Practice Plan, Philip was handed a golden ticket. In it was a £20 with the caption 'Use this money to make a positive change, big or small. Just let us know what you do and share your story’.   So that's what Philip did. Took a photo of the £20.00 note going into the Mouth Cancer Foundation collection tin. 

This was added to the proceeds from the cake sale to total £82.00 so Railway Dental topped it up to a round £100.00 

The charity is hugely grateful for all donations it receives as every penny goes towards helping patients, carers and family members. 

Thank You!