April is Oral Cancer Awareness month in the United States, which is an excellent opportunity for the Mouth Cancer Foundation here in the UK to remind everyone to carry out their monthly self-check for head and neck cancer.

You can take our quick 2-minute self-check for mouth cancer easily at home.  All you need is a mirror, good light source and clean fingers. It is that easy. At each step you are inspecting and feeling for any lumps, red or white patches, changes in colour or texture, lingering ulcers or anything unusual. Follow our simple video here – www.mouthcancerfoundation.org/self-examination/

Our never-ending drive is to encourage everyone to take our mouth cancer self examination and carry out a simple, head and neck cancer check at home, ideally once a month.

For more information on Oral Cancer Awareness Month visit http://bit.ly/319jgB9

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