In the run up to Valentine’s Day it goes crazy.   

Entrances of supermarkets filled with chocolates, teddy bears and soppy cards, jewellery adverts left right and centre, restaurants showcasing special menus, with claims to it being your best night ever.

You raced round the shops finding the ‘perfect’ gift; or if you’re anything like those of us at Mouth Cancer Foundation HQ had the gifts pre bought 6 weeks prior to the actual event just to ensure their safe arrival, but…

Did you love yourself during the run up to valentines? Did you remember that actually it’s important to make sure your physical and mental health are as close to healthy as possible?

Here at Mouth Cancer Foundation we want to change the way Valentine’s Day is viewed.  We’re calling it ‘An Ode to Love Yourself, and it all starts with you. While mouth cancer’s awareness is nowhere near that of breast cancer, bowl cancer or other well-known cancers, it still kills, and its lack of prominence is an issue we are trying to tackle. Mouth cancer kills 1 person every 3 hours, however one of the most reassuring facts about the disease is that if caught early there is an excellent chance of complete recovery.

What Can You Do To Ensure Early Detection?

It all starts with the Mouth Cancer 7 step, Self-Check.

1) Look at the FACE, inspect your skin, turn your head side to side.

2) The NECK, run your fingers under your jaw and feel along the large muscle.

3) LIPS, pull your upper lip upwards and pull your lower lip downwards to gain a clear view. Feel inside your mouth.

4) Examine your GUMS for anything unusual.

5) Check your CHEEKS, open your mouth and pull your cheeks away, one side at a time.

6) Pull out your TONGUE, look at each side. Check the underside, and tip of the tongue.

7) Inspect the ROOF and FLOOR OF YOUR MOUTH, inspect the floor of your mouth. Press your finger along the floor of your mouth and underneath the tongue.

So, make this Valentines Day the year you love yourself first.  Early detection saves lives! Help us spread awareness by featuring our leaflets and posters.  Keep updated by following us on our social media handles.

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