New Venutre with Dr Heffs!

Exciting news! Earlier this month we partnered up with Dr Heffs Remarkable Mints as many of our patients have reported that Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints can help people living through cancer, particularly those who get dry mouths.

We are looking for people to put this to the test and have sample packets to give away. Simply get in touch –

Dr Heffs was founded in the UK by Dentists, Dr Toby, and Dr Mike. They believe that prevention is key to having clean, healthy teeth. They say “Our mints are scientifically proven. Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints have been rigorously tested in laboratory conditions to prove that they are truly effective in combating tooth decay”.

Anyone wishing to buy the mints can take advantage of a special offer. Just add this code at checkout – MCFMINTS for an extra 5% discount on a one-time purchase and 12.5% discount on your first month’s subscription and 2.5% discount on following months.

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