Today, on the second day of Mouth Cancer Action Month we thought we would share this wonderful poem from Paul Strong in recognition of our charity’s website.

In February Paul was diagnosed with HPV Mouth Cancer and underwent chemo and radiotherapy in the spring. Fortunately, the treatment appears to have completely cleared the cancer and Paul has written a short poem to raise awareness of Mouth Cancer Action Month and the Bite Back at Mouth Cancer self-check advice on the website -


Mouth Cancer Awareness


As we exit October please remember

Mouth cancer awareness is the month of November

I’m not giving up beer or growing a tash

Nor am I washing in beans and mash


I’m not running a marathon all dressed up funny

In fact I’m not asking for any of your money

I’m not even trying to fill you with fear

But as someone who suffered the illness this year


All I ask is that you visit this site

And learn how to do a self-check right

It takes less than two minutes to do the check

Of your mouth, your cheek and around your neck


I’m sorry if you think I am being a pest

But please go and do this simple test

To carry it out doesn’t cause much strife

And who knows it may just save your life!