We would like to say a huge congratulations to Billy and Charlie Crockford who got married on Saturday 29th December at St Michaels All Angels Church in Watford, followed by a reception at the Sun Sports and Postal.

Instead of chocolates or sweets as wedding favours, the newlyweds gave their guests Mouth Cancer Foundation pin badges and made a donation to the charity, which is very close to their hearts. 

5 years ago, in January 2014, Charlie’s Dad, Jerry, 45, was diagnosed with mouth cancer.  He underwent a full neck dissection to remove part of the floor of his mouth, tongue, and lymph nodes.  He had a flap taken from his forearm which was put into his mouth.  He completed 6 weeks of chemo and radiotherapy in June 2014.   For the following 9 months Jerry was in and out of hospital treating side effects of his treatment and infections.   He was diagnosed with Osteoradionecrosis of the jaw in June 2015.  Infections still came and went.  In August 2017 it was decided Jerry would have all his remaining bottom teeth removed along with 40 sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment.   After 30 sessions he had the teeth removed and continued treatment the next day, completing it in December 2017.   By June 2018 Jerry’s jaw was healing and continues to heal, with new skin growing over the exposed bone.    

This is a lovely gesture by Charlie and Billy’s family.  The Mouth Cancer Foundation would like to wish the happy couple a life time of happiness together.