In June this year, Lorraine Owens, of Betws, Carmarthenshire, celebrated her 100th birthday with a tea-party for her family and friends.  The care home, where she now lives, laid on a marvellous spread for her 50 guests, with some of her relations travelling a long way to join her. The party was a great success and was blessed with sunny weather.

Lorraine has lived in the same area of south Wales all her life, having spent her first 60 years living on the same farm and the next 40, enjoying her retirement in Betws.

The day after her birthday, she was also warmly greeted by the vicar and congregation at Llandyfan Church, where she has now been a parishioner for 100 years.

Amongst the many birthday cards Lorraine received, were one from the Queen and another from the Secretary of State for Wales. This is not the first time this has happened, as when Lorraine and her husband, William John, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 2003, they also received a congratulatory card from the Queen on that occasion. Sadly, William John died two years later.

Rather than be inundated with 100th birthday gifts, Lorraine suggested that donations be made to the Mouth Cancer Foundation. This is particularly close to her heart, as her eldest daughter, Julie, died from this disease.

Lorraine gives many thanks to all her family and friends who supported the Mouth Cancer Foundation so generously, in celebration of her 100th birthday!

The Mouth Cancer Foundation are truly grateful to Lorraine for sharing her 100th Birthday with us and thinking about our charity.  We really appreciate the £354.50 donation.  Thank You!