We are raising awareness of a situation brought to our attention by a patient on the quest for life insurance cover.

Natalie Anderson was diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2018 when she was just 24 years old.   Thankfully Natalie made a full recovery and after, almost, 3 years clear, set about buying a house.  It was then that Natalie encountered problems trying to find a company who would sell her life insurance.

Natalie says “I am struggling to find any insurers to cover me because of my previous medical history or even any insurers who will provide cover but exclude cancerous conditions.   My only goal here is to make sure my family are protected should the worst happen, but I am coming up against so many obstacles.  I also have issues with getting travel insurance, paying way above the average price for my age group when I can’t see there is any correlation between my cancer diagnosis and travel insurance.  I can’t help but feel this is a form of discrimination against cancer survivors when we have already been through so much”.

We would like to hear what you think.  So, whether you are a patient who has a similar experience to Natalie’s or from any insurance companies who think they might be able to help patients post cancer.

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