All boys over the age of 14 have been unfairly excluded from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination programme since it was introduced to boys in school year 8 back in September 2019.   This leaves older boys unprotected and at higher risk of HPV related cancers including Head and Neck Cancer. 

As part of HPV Action, from today, we are now petition the government to introduce a catch-up vaccination programme for boys aged 14 years and over in 2020. 

Girls in the UK have been vaccinated for free since 2008, with parental consent which protects against cervical cancer.

Peter Baker, HPV Action’s Campaign Director said: “This is bad news for the health of boys and men. It's also bad news for the NHS which will in the future have to pay for the treatment of preventable cancers.  It's not too late for the government to take the action needed to protect ALL boys against the cancers caused by HPV.  HPV Action will continue to make the case for a catch-up programme for older boys who are still at school so they are also protected.

Worldwide, about 5% of all cancers are linked to the HPV virus. This includes cervical, penile, anal and genital cancers and some cancers of the head and neck – all of which the vaccine helps to protect against.