Hpv Awareness Day

The 4th March is designated as International HPV Awareness Day encouraging people to ask about HPV, Human papilloma virus.

International HPV Awareness Day (IHAD) rallies the global audience around the fact that the human papillomavirus is a health issue that affects us all, either directly or indirectly.  Education is at the heart of the day as this campaign aims to stimulate people from all walks of life encouraging them to ask, learn and take action to stop HPV.

Over 80% of people will be infected by HPV at some point in their life.  While some types of HPV may not have any symptoms and visible signs, there are a few that can harm us and our loved ones. The most harmful HPV types cause cervical, anal, oral, penile and other deadly cancers. The good news is that there are solutions. By increasing awareness and taking preventative measures, we can make the world a safer place for everyone.

For more information visit www.askabouthpv.org

Educational Resources

Download a variety of free leaflets, posters and educational resources.