Janet West was diagnosed with Stage 2 aggressive tongue cancer in 2019. She underwent a partial glossectomy – where she lost 33% of her tongue, a wrist graft and a neck dissection.

After her surgery, Janet was determined to recuperate and regain her pre-diagnosis level fitness. She did so by learning exercises from physiotherapists in the UK and in France.

Janet has since started a Youtube channel, Head and Neck Cancer Fitness, to provide and encourage those in a similar situation to get back to health by sharing what she has learned. She has uploaded several videos on neck and tongue exercises, as well as wrist exercises for patients after surgery. Her most recent post is a video diary documenting the last few weeks before her tongue surgery where Janet is incredibly open and honest about her experience.

The videos that Janet shares are informative, encouraging and easy to follow. Her subscribers are comforted by her positive attitude and the fact that she can speak from experience while sharing her advice with others.

Please click here and subscribe to Janet’s Youtube channel! http://bit.ly/3cYk8xV

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