Getting those steps in!

As infection rates rise again, it is important to make sure our physical and mental health is the best it can be.

Our answer for this is the Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk from Home! There is no pressure to do 10KM in one go, you can start off by doing 1KM and add another 1KM the next week.

Exercise not only loosens up joints, but it also benefits mental health by releasing endorphins. Whilst at the time of writing this government guidelines also allow (depending on the area you are reading from) for you to socially distance with a friend from another household, or from your bubble, allowing you to socialise. Ensuring we are making time to socialise with friends is more important then ever.

Our walk is running until November 30th leaving you plenty of time to get your steps in.

To sign up for our walk –

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