To support November’s Mouth Cancer Action Month, Binley Woods Dentistry, 128 Rugby Road Binley Woods CV3 2AX will be offering free mouth cancer examinations to anybody in the area who would like one.

The practice, based on Rugby Road, will be offering free oral health checks on Tuesday 20th November and Thursday 29th November, in order to give back to their local community and make everyone in the area aware of mouth cancer and the importance of regular check-ups in protecting against this life-threatening disease.

Alison Hewitt, Practice Co-ordinator at Binley Woods Dentistry said of the initiative: “Mouth cancer doesn’t have the public awareness that other forms of cancer does, some people still haven’t heard of it. Yet shockingly mouth cancer claims more lives every year than testicular and cervical cancer combined.  We need to change this and bring these numbers down.

Through our initiative we want to spread awareness of mouth cancer, its causes, the signs and symptoms and the role your dentist can play in helping to catch the disease early enough to beat it. Early diagnosis is really important.

Simply call the practice to book your free examination which will last approximately 15 minutes and checks the whole mouth including the cheeks, lips, tongue and gums. You don’t need to be a patient with us, actually if you haven’t seen a dentist for some time it’s even more important to come for a check.  Our dentists check for signs of mouth cancer at routine examinations, the patient may not even realise it, but people who don’t go to the dentist regularly are missing out on this life-saving check, so it’s even more important they take advantage of our free screening. That’s why we’re opening our doors to the community.”

To book your free mouth cancer check contact the clinic directly on 02476 540045or email