Michele Solak-Edwards is campaigning for free dental care for cancer patients and here is why we think you should too.

For the percentage of the population who have not experienced an illness like cancer, we often take our general health for granted and without a doubt our oral health.   If we have a problem, a change in diet can be a standard fix in most oral health cases.  General health is perhaps slightly trickier and may require some third-party help, such as prescription medicine. Prescription medicine is free for at least 5 years for those who have been sadly affected by cancer.

However, this is not the case for oral health. It is important to note, that whilst chemotherapy saves lives, it is also a poison and therefore leaves the body with many detrimental side effects, particularly in regard to patient’s oral wellness. Crumbling teeth, erosion, and higher risk to cavities are all common side affects after treatment. Dentistry bills can often end up unmanageable as families are left struggling to pay.

Read the full story here of how Michele juggled taking medical leave from her job as a HR Manager, family life and endless dentistry bills.


Michele’s campaign for free dental care for all cancer patients can be found through this link

Image credit to The Times.