Are you looking to educate your patients on mouth cancer via your social media channels?

Look no further, our new website contains downloadable versions of our awareness materials –

Educating the public on mouth cancer is one of the best ways to encourage early detection and provide reassurance whilst dental and GP practices are offering reduced services. Early detection increases chance of survival by 50%.

Tips on ensuring your posts are seen by patients:
1) Ensure you captioning your posts with the eye-catching titles – looking to stop readers scrolling past your posts? Think about your titles, short, snappy captions are the best way to go!
2) Push your social media channels through your email and website – sometimes patients don’t always recognise that you may have alternative channels. Make it easy for people and point them in the right direction!
3) Tag the posts with your departments or professional Instagram accounts linked to your practices. Encouraging influential staff members within your practice to get on board is key.  Patients will value the content more.

Remember to tag us in your posts. We love to repost them, and see what you are up to!

Educational Resources

Download a variety of free leaflets, posters and educational resources.

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