Throughout lockdown there has been an incredible wave of social media traffic, and with that an incredible rise in brand competitions, participants and scrolling. We’ve joined the crew with a 10 KM per day challenge!

Jumping on our bandwagon for the Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk from Home, is Kylee Green, our first 10 KM per day walker! This means that Kylee plans to do a 10 K walk EVERY single day for the duration of the event from Saturday 3rd October to Monday 30th November inclusive.  We are elated that Kylee has accepted the challenge, and hope that there are many more of you budding to make a real impact, both physically and towards creating awareness for the charity.

To join our bandwagon, just email to let us know your planning on completing 10 KM per day! Or if you’re planning on doing something else slightly out there, let us know by dropping an email.

To take part in the Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk this year or to challenge yourself to 10 KM per day, register at