Dry January is run by Alcohol Change UK, aiming to educate people about the dangers of drinking too much alcohol and encouraging people to give up alcohol for a whole month. This year the theme of Alcohol Awareness week is Change.

So one week in, if you’re doing Dry January, how is it going?   Or if you’re eeeking the festivities out and yet to start,

how about giving it a go?

Even a couple of alcohol-free days each week will be good for your health.

Use Lockdown 3.0 as an opportunity to get fitter and look after your physical and mental health.

Here at the Mouth Cancer Foundation we support limiting alcohol intake as there is an increased risk between drinking and mouth cancer.  Drinking to excess can increase the risk of mouth cancer by four times.  Those who smoke and drink are up to 30 times more likely to develop mouth cancer.

For more information visit https://www.alcoholchange.org.uk/

Educational Resources

Download a variety of free leaflets, posters and educational resources.

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