Don’t forget to Gift Aid it!

This is an appeal to all individuals who make a donation to the Mouth Cancer Foundation or send in sponsorship forms with monies they have collected from family and friends.  Where possible please will you let us know if you and your supporters are eligible to gift aid your money.

It is so easy to do, costs you nothing and will benefit the charity immensely.   

Simply let us have your full first name and Surname, house number, street address and full 7 digit post code.  It also really helps the charity if this information can be printed in capital letters if hand written. 

If you are collecting sponsors for the Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk, taking place on Sunday 30th September in Hyde Park, London please will you ask your supporters to supply us with the same information clearly printed on the sponsorship form.

If you require further information please get in touch via

Thank you!