Covid-19 Coffee Morning Success

Although off to a quite start, our Covid-19 Coffee Morning Support Group has proved quite the lockdown lift dental professionals, and head and neck cancer patients have needed. The aim of the charity has always been to create and promote awareness and support of mouth and head and neck cancer, however with mouth cancer presenting its self as more of a taboo subject within society; awareness can be tricky.

Pre 2020, the idea of society functioning in the way that we are would have been unthinkable.  Although a huge change, and for some of us more disruptive than others, the question remains the same for a large proportion of people; how best can we manage our responsibilities? Whether that’s work, family, or health.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation has been to work on exciting new projects to launch when we return to our ‘new normal’, and work hard at creating more awareness, and most importantly eliminate the taboo aspect of mouth cancer.

We have launched our online Coffee Mornings with Clinical Ambassador Joss Harding for both patients and professionals, as a means of supporting both groups. The group meet every Wednesday via Zoom at 10:30am and discuss a whole range of topics ranging from the best dental equipment to use for your mouth, and professional advice. To sign up, email

Educational Resources

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