Earlier this year we introduced the first ever Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity Project Awards, courtesy of dental implant company Straumann and awarded 4 grants totalling £3500. 

Last week we met up with the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation and HPV Action, when we filmed them at work and handed over their cheques. 

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation won the gold award of £1500 for ground breaking head and neck cancer treatment.   They aim to minimise the magnitude of surgery and limit the resulting aesthetical impacts, on head and neck cancer patients.  They are also driving awareness of Sentinel Node Biopsy within the medical industry, by providing training to a new wave of surgeons in order to reduce the impact of surgery on sufferers and enable them to get back to a normal life with minimal impact on a well exposed area of the body.

HPV Action, a coalition of organisations that work together to advocate gender-neutral HPV vaccination, received a £500 grant. HPV Action played the leading role in persuading the government to introduce gender-neutral vaccination and our case included the need to protect against head and neck cancers caused by HPV.

Look out for their videos showcasing their work and how they spent their award on our YouTube Channel - in early 2020.