This weekend the charity is celebrating three great years of one of our most successful campaigns. 

Bite Back at Mouth Cancer  is the charity’s life-saving campaign that encourages members of the public to carry out self-examination checks on their own mouth, head and neck area at least once a month.   This simple check can be done in a matter of minutes by everyone in the comfort of their own home.   By being vigilant and aware we can better ensure our health and wellbeing.  This simple measure will help save lives. 

The campaign, which is backed by Dr Dawn Harper from Channel 4’s embarrassing bodies’ programme has received much positive praise and feedback over the past two years.  

Since the campaign started we have seen an increase in the number of people who tell us they are now checking themselves for mouth cancers.  We still have a long way to go to achieve global awareness of all head and neck cancers, but our baby steps are definitely helping.

We have leaflets and posters available free of charge for all dental practices that wish to display them in their waiting rooms.  Simply email us and tell us where to send them.