Apolline Supports the Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme

We are excited to announce that Apolline, the UK’s leading provider of unique business management and operational support services to the health and social care sectors, is supporting our newly launched Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme.

The Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme recognises dental practices that demonstrate a visible commitment to increasing public awareness of mouth cancer screening to all patients and to establish a documented referral pathway with a local specialist department.

The scheme is a ‘Two minutes to save a life’ screening protocol, which is a 10-point checklist that every dentist should be able to include in their routine examination in order to increase early detection rates and save lives.   

Apolline is supplying the Mouth Cancer Foundation with a software to enable accurate reporting and tracking of cases and referrals. The charity will then analyse and report on the evidence.

We are grateful to Apolline who is working together with us to beat mouth cancer.