We received a lovely message from a patient, Martin Preston who contacted us earlier this year to ask our advice on acupuncture.  Martin, from Poole in Dorset, had surgery for tonsil cancer in July last year followed by 6 weeks of Radiotherapy. Since the operation he noticed that his jaw opening was somewhat restricted and had become more pronounced since the radiotherapy.   He was also experiencing pain in his tongue.  Martin followed the treatment plan given to him by the team at the hospital and alongside that he wondered if acupuncture might be a useful treatment to help release the tension.

Now while the evidence base is weak and it is not a conventional treatment, we did say that some alternative therapies to work for patients. 

Here is what Martin says “Back in January you were kind enough to reply to an enquiry I made about acupuncture and alleviation of trismus symptoms. In fact, out of the many enquiries I made you were the only one to reply.

I have now completed a course at a local centre and I can report that it was absolutely marvellous. Within a very short time my tongue loosened up so I stopped biting it, then over 3-4 weeks I have regained a near normal mouth opening and the soreness in my gums has gone away. I can heartily recommend it to anyone who finds their jaw healing stalled like I did. It really was the trigger for the final stage of my recovery.”

He has agreed to share is story as he hopes his experience will help someone else in the future.  This is great news for Martin and we would always advise patients to request the opinion of their treatment team.