30k From Fylers Southend Member Pamela

An avid walker from Flyers Southend has completed our Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk from Home not once, not twice, but 3 different times!

Pamela was spurred on by friends, mouth cancer survivor, Karen Liesching-Schroder, and 10 KM a day walker Diane Treadwell.

The trio headed out head to toe in blue, the colour associated with mouth cancer. They were wearing blue wigs, nail varnish, Mouth Cancer Walk T-Shirts and their masks!

Pamela says ‘We had a takeout drink when we were finished and a lady asked us what we were doing. We explained and she handed me a £15 donation. She said it was the last of her birthday money. What a great end to our 10K Walk’

Throughout Pamela’s walks covid-19 restrictions were adhered to with the groups walking in bubbles, pairs and making use of staggered start times.

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