Ipswich Head & Neck Cancer Support Group

Patient Pathway DVD on their website

Sometime ago the groups committee decided it would be an idea to make a short film about the bi-monthly group meetings, as the idea grew we thought we might take this a bit further and include a few more details about Head and Neck Cancer. The final outcome was a complete film about the treatment pathway and beyond. Now, many months later we are due to start filming in the hospital in the middle of June. It has certainly been a learning curve for those involved, the planning has taken so much organisation non of which would have been possible without our chairperson Amanda Ford who has worked incredibly hard on the project. The film is being made by CSV Media who specialise in projects of this nature. The idea is that a copy of the film will be given to everyone who has a diagnosis of head and neck cancer and will show them what the treatment pathway through the hospital looks like. We all know how confusing  the information given to us can be and we hope that this film will take away some of those concerns. The film has been funded by 100%  donation and a list of those involved will be credited at the end of the film. We hope to show the film for the very first time at our group meeting in September.

At our group meeting on 5th Sept we saw the excellent preview of the DVD we have been working on for the last 12 months. It was very well done and an excellent tribute to all the hard work put in by Steve Spraggett and Amanda Ford of our group along with lots of the Medical staff and Doctors at the hospital. All gave of their time and energy free of charge which involved many hours and we are grateful to you all for this. When the finalised DVD is ready it will be given out to all newly diagnosed patients at the hospital so that it can show them what to expect and the proceedures that they might need. It is taken from a patients eye view and is very informative. Fundraising was done for this by Our Support Group and we received contributions from The Railway Pub & Klippen Pisser RC, The Mouth Cancer Foundation, The Clobber Swop (at Ipswich hospital), and The Ipswich Hospital NHS Charitable Trust. Thank you all for making this possible. We will keep you informed as to when this will be available to have.


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