Mouth Cancer Foundation at Work

The Mouth Cancer Foundation has been helping to raise awareness, support and influence the head and neck cancer world through education and support for almost two decades. We are immensely proud of how the charity has grown over the years and the support it has given to those who need it most.

At the heart of the charity was a highly popular and effective community forum, ahead of its time, when the seeds of the charity were sown back in 2002. This has been surpassed by the advent of social media.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation is one of the leading cancer charities visible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube reaching an audience of millions of followers each week.

The charity disseminates thousands of free marketing materials, posters, (available in multiple languages), leaflets, flyers and handbooks, every year increasing awareness and working closely with dental and medical professionals, hospitals, schools and pharmacies.

We have developed a hugely successful monthly, mouth cancer self-examination, which can be done by everyone at home in just two minutes.
The only charity anywhere in the world to hold an annual walk, the Mouth Cancer 10 KM Awareness Walk, to raise awareness for mouth cancer.
The Mouth Cancer Foundation offers patients and carers a dedicated telephone helpline answered by a mouth cancer survivor.

Educational Resources

Download a variety of free leaflets, posters and educational resources.

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