The biennial Support Group Awards reward the incredible work carried out by cancer support groups across the UK. The awards recognise the support group leaders and healthcare professionals, who give up their spare time to support and work closely with people affected by mouth, head and neck cancers. 

Support groups have become a place of solitude for mouth cancer survivors. It is a place where they can share their experiences, and ask questions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It is also a place where carers, relatives and friends can go for help and advice. The Mouth Cancer Foundation recognises the impact that they have and how they can help improve a patient’s quality of life.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation has a lot of success working with many head and neck cancer support groups across the country and feels it is important to recognise their hard work and achievements.  Every two years the charity gives away three grants of £1500, £1000 and £500.

The Support Group Awards 2019 will launch towards the end of 2018.  Please contact us nearer the time for an application form.

The charity is looking for support groups which can highlight local accessible support that has a positive impact on the quality of life of patients, their families and carers.

In 2017 Mouth Cancer Foundation Support Group Awards Winners were:

  • Headcases
  • CHANCE (Coping with Head and Neck Cancer and its Effects)

The Mouth Cancer Foundation Support Group Awards will take place again in 2019.

Who Can Apply?

Mouth Cancer Foundation Support Group Awards are open to all existing support groups and projects in the UK. The support group or project must be solely dedicated to working with and supporting people affected by mouth, throat or other head and neck cancers.

How to Apply

  1. Support Group Guidance Notes available
  2. Complete the Support Group Award's Application
  3. Submit the Support Group Award's Application

Award winners will be informed in January 2019.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation want to hear about the ways you offer support to people that improves the life of those affected by head and neck cancer and to share your work and achievements with others. The Mouth Cancer Foundation understands that local support groups will have different levels of resources and may not have sophisticated processes.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation judges all applicants on the positive impact your support group has on the lives people affected by head and neck cancers. Judges will look for evidence of work that:

  • Improves support services to head and neck cancer patients
  • Tackles the consequences caused by head and neck cancer treatment
  • Offers an opportunity to communicate experience
  • Can be replicated across the UK

Please contact the Mouth Cancer Foundation to request an electronic Support Group Awards Form and Guidance Notes.

Application Form

Guidance Notes