Charity objectives

The main object of the Foundation is: The relief of sickness and the promotion and protection of good health among those suffering or at risk of Mouth, Throat and other Head & Neck Cancer by the collation and dissemination of relevant information among the public generally and by the provision of support to patients, carers and health professionals.

Our history

In 2002, Dr Joshi set up the Mouth Cancer Awareness website to complement the work he was doing at the clinics he ran at St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford and Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield.  The website experienced phenomenal growth over the first 2 years, especially the message board facility which became a robust online support group

Community Forum

"If you see what is small as it sees itself, and accept what is weak for what strength it has, and use what is dim for the light it gives, then all will go well. This is called Acting Naturally." – Lao-Tsu, Tao Teh King