The Health Evidence Bulletins - Wales

The Health Evidence Bulletins - Wales act as signposts to the best  evidence for prevention of mouth cancers. Examining a broad range of evidence types and subject areas, where information from randomised controlled trials is available it is included.  However, many health issues do not lend themselves easily to investigation, or have not yet been studied, by this method.  In these cases, high quality evidence has been sought from observational and other studies.

Aspirin May Cut Risk of Throat Cancer

5 March, 2003

Taking low-dose aspirin regularly could cut the risk of developing cancers of the mouth, throat and esophagus, Italian researchers said on Tuesday. Millions of people already take the painkiller to relieve headaches and arthritis and to prevent heart attacks and stroke. Studies have also suggested the century-old drug could have a protective effect against bowel and lung cancer.

Oral Cancer Attacked by Tomatoes

21 December, 2000

Oral cancer could be added to the list of cancers which could be prevented or treated with an extract of tomatoes. Studies of the association between the consumption of tomato products rich in lycopene and the risk for various cancers have produced encouraging but not conclusive results.

Living Cancer-Free

Experts say there is no magic pill to prevent the disease; rather prevention lies in leading a healthy lifestyle and eating right.

Food Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer: a global perspective

The report summarised here has some special features. As its title indicates, it is concerned explicitly with the primary prevention of cancer, and has a global perspective. Aspects of food and nutrition likely to reduce cancer risk have been emphasised, while due weight has been given to those that may increase risk.

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK)

Dedicated to saving lives by funding cancer research and providing education programmes that expand our understanding of the importance of our food and lifestyle choices in the cancer process. Food, nutrition and physical activity are crucial to our general health and well-being. Find out more

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