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Screening for Oral Cancer

Is there sufficient evidence to recommend for or against routine screening of asymptomatic persons for oral cancer by primary care clinicians?

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A Management Strategy for Dental Practice (PDF)

Realistic advice for dentists in primary care who now seek to adopt best practice in soft tissue screening. Oral cancer deaths will only be reduced if the disease is recognised earlier and treated sooner. Opportunistic screening can pay big dividends.

Cancer 'missed 19 times'

Thursday 11 May, 2000

News about oral cancer being misdiagnosed by different doctors on 19 separate occasions.


"Screening reduces oral cancer mortality among tobacco/alcohol users: results from a randomised trial in Kerala, India" - Dr R. Sankaranarayanan See poster

Quick Clinical Reference Chart for Visual Inspection of the Oral Cavity to Detect Precancerous Lesions and Invasive Cancer
Download chart here.

Oral Cancer: A growing concern (PDF)

Preventive dentistry doesn’t immediately conjure up an image of mouth cancer prevention, does it? But as dentists, our role is to prevent and treat oral disease.

A qualified GDP can expect to see at least a couple of mouth cancer lesions during their practising lifetime. Obviously this is an average statistic affected by geographical location and social class of clientele, much like the statistics for caries. For both caries and mouth cancer, prevention of the disease is better than treatment, and early treatment results in less damage to the patient.